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Looking For A Bit Of Added Spice?

World demographics are changing. The global population is increasing and prospects for different economies vary widely compared with where they are today – especially in the world’s emerging markets. Today, the population of China, at 1.4 billion people, is the … Continue reading

Equity Release – Why It’s Proving Popular

With rising property prices seldom out of the media, many older people have found themselves considering the amount of money they have locked up in their own homes. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that people aged over … Continue reading

Technology Aids Joined-Up Finances

According to Ofcom, four in every five households now has access to the internet and 63% of people own a smartphone. This level of always-on connectivity and access to information is transforming modern communications in ways which, even just one … Continue reading

VCTs – A Chance to Invest In UK Business

For experienced investors looking to take a stake in new and emerging businesses, Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) could prove an interesting and tax-efficient investment opportunity. According to the Association of Investment Companies, the amount invested into VCTs in the 2013-14 … Continue reading

Passing Wealth Down The Generations

Pension Reform arrived in April and new taxation rules also changed – quite radically – the way pension funds will be treated when passed on as part of an estate. Previously subject to quite punitive tax rates which actively discouraged … Continue reading

Pension Drawdown – The New Rules

Since April 2015, the new pension rules have been firmly in place; investors in defined contribution pensions aged over 55 have the freedom to plan how they use their pension pots in retirement. Gone is the requirement to buy an … Continue reading

UK Budget Summary 2015

“A Budget For Working People” In the first uniquely Conservative produced Budget since 1996, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced that, “Our long-term economic plan is working” and added that the “economy is fundamentally stronger than it was … Continue reading

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